7 Rooms: The Masque of the Red Death

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Flat Earth Theatre presents a radically collaborative virtual theatre experience in 7 Rooms: The Masque of the Red Death. We’ve united seven local playwrights and seven local directors to construct seven new short plays to fill the unique rooms of the famous manor from Edgar Allan Poe’s deliciously macabre short story.

Within Prospero’s manor where masked revellers escape the plague that devastates the world outside, these assembled works create an evening of theatre that explores isolation, connection, moral dilemmas, humor, and humanity during the time of plague.

7 Rooms: The Masque of the Red Death streamed on Zoom from July 28th through August 15th, 2021. While the masquerade has concluded for now, we invite you to peruse this site to learn about the many talented artists who made this unique project possible.

Land Acknowledgement

Since our activities are shared digitally to the internet, let's take a moment to consider the legacy of colonization embedded within the technology, structures, and ways of thinking we use every day. We are using equipment and high-speed internet, not available in many Indigenous communities. Even the technologies that are central to much of the art we make leave significant carbon footprints, contributing to changing climates that disproportionately affect Indigenous people worldwide. I invite you to join us in acknowledging all this, as well as our shared responsibility to make good of this time and for each of us to consider our roles in reconciliation, decolonization, and ally-ship.

This digital land acknowledgement was created by artist and producer Adrienne Wong, Artistic Director of SpiderWebShowPerformance. Shared here with permission.

This program is supported in part by a grant from the Watertown Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency.

The Rooms

“It was a voluptuous scene, that masquerade. But first let me tell of the rooms in which it was held. These were seven—an imperial suite." Edgar Allan Poe

The Blue Room

What’s the difference between appropriation and veneration? Elvira, the Ivory Explicator of the Blues, is about to find out when her performance is interrupted by an unexpected visitor.

Cliff Odle Headshot
Cliff Odle Playwright
Cliff Odle


Johnny Nichols, Jr. Headshot
Johnny Nichols, Jr. Director


Sydney Roslin Headshot
Kira Sarai Helper Headshot

The Purple Room

A pair of hourly workers manage the avalanche of jackets that are coming into coat check, while comparing notes about some unusual behavior at the party.

MJ Halberstadt Headshot
MJ Halberstadt Playwright
MJ Halberstadt


Lee Mikeska Gardner Headshot
Lee Mikeska Gardner Director


Michael Lin Headshot
Kristen Heider Headshot

The Green Room

A visitor comes knocking at the airlock door of the spaceship Athena, asking to be let in contrary to quarantine protocols. Do the rescue crew aboard dare open the door to the unknown?

Michael Lin Headshot
Michael Lin Playwright
Michael Lin


David R. Gammons Headshot
David R. Gammons Director
David R. Gammons



Sharmarke Yusuf Headshot
Shanelle C Villegas Headshot
Kalee Burrows Headshot

The Orange Room

A trio of guests at Prospero’s posh party steal away from the crowd to sit around a campfire trying to re-create an annual ritual to celebrate their friendship after an extended period apart. But memories of what occurred at the previous “Toasting Man” reveal a dark secret they share and which they agree to finally lay to rest.

Hortense Gerardo Headshot
Hortense Gerardo Playwright
Hortense Gerardo


Jessica Ernst Headshot
Jessica Ernst Director
Jessica Ernst



Olivia Dumaine Headshot
Naomi Ibasitas Headshot
Evan Turissini Headshot

The Violet Room

Adrift in the Violet Room, two partygoers must choose between returning to the world they know or diving into the unknown.

Sari Boren Headshot
Sari Boren Playwright
Sari Boren


Shira Helena Gitlin Headshot
Shira Helena Gitlin Director


Jo Michael Rezes Headshot
Blair Nodelman Headshot

The White Room

In the middle of Prospero’s party, an influencer decides to do a quick makeup tutorial to cheer up her poor plague-besieged followers. But as the horrors of the party seep in, she soon realizes that once you go live, it’s very difficult to turn back or turn off.

Kelly Smith Headshot
Kelly Smith Playwright
Kelly Smith


Elizabeth Yvette Ramirez Headshot
Elizabeth Yvette Ramirez Director


Lorraine Kanyike Headshot

The Black & Red Room

A misanthropic occultist seeks solitude in the cellar. The room seems to offer up something they have sought for a long time, but can they truly attain their desire?

Gabriel Graetz Headshot
Gabriel Graetz Playwright
Gabriel Graetz


LaToya T. Robinson Headshot
LaToya T. Robinson Director


Miles Wheeler II Headshot

The Manor

Within the multi-faceted walls of the manor, Prospero reigns over the most prestigious end-of-the-world party of all time, but something’s wrong. Prospero’s secret will be revealed, and it will blow everyone away.

A. Lehrmitt Headshot
A. Lehrmitt Playwright
A. Lehrmitt


Lindsay Eagle Headshot
Lindsay Eagle Director
Lindsay Eagle



Juliet Bowler Headshot

The Team

Jake Scaltreto
Artistic Director
Lindsay Eagle
Amy Lehrmitt
Assistant Producer
Juliet Bowler
Technical Director
Leigh Downes
Betsy Goldman
Stage Manager
Deidre Purcell
Assistant Stage Managers
Paige D'Ambrosio
Mickey Dorsey
Liv Joan
Kendyl Trott
Aesthetics Designer
Michael Clark Wonson
Costume Designer
Zane Kealey
Sound Designer
Kyle Lampe
Props & Special FX Designer
S. Ayala
Intimacy Director
Olivia Dumaine
Company Liaison
Coriana Hunt Swartz

Special Thanks

The Seven Rooms team would like to thank the following individuals and organizations without whom this project would not have been possible.

Bradley C. Botkin
Sean Dooley
Becca Dunham
David Fichter (Purple Room Puppet Design)
Paul Mayer
Dawn & David Scaltreto
Central Square Theater
The Mosesian Center for the Arts

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